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ATV 3000lbs Winch
12V PIN 7221235 - price: 119 euro (VAT included) send an inquiry

Rated Line Pull 3000LB (1361kg) Single-line
Gear train NGWN type planetary gear transmission
Gear ratio 153:1
Clutch Turn
Motor Permanent magnet DC 12V motor with 1.1hp output
Drum size Diameter 2.52(64mm) Length 8.82(224mm)
Cable 50ft(L) of 13/64 15.2m(L) of 5.1mm
Fairlead Roller fairlead
Control 0.02x10.17 (0.5mm2x3100mm) Black / Green 0.02x4.26 (0.5mm2x1300mm) Red
Battery Leads 0.24x6.23 (6mm2x1900mm)
Drum size 1.61(D)x2.9(L) 41(D)x74(L)mm
Overall dimensions (LxWxH)12.35x7.4x4.72(313x188x120mm)
Mounting Pattern 3.67 93mm

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